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Emergency Electrician Glasgow
Emergency Electrician Glasgow Jedi Services

PAT Testing Glasgow Scotland

Health and safety regulations require that all electrical appliances are safe and maintained to prevent harm to the people who will interact or work with electrical appliances; this is referred to as PAT Testing – or Portable Appliance Testing.

<font color="#ffffff"><b>Electrical Maintenance Glasgow </b>Setup an electrical maintenance contract with Jedi Services today.</font>

Electrical Maintenance Glasgow Setup an electrical maintenance contract with Jedi Services today.

<font color="#ffffff"><b>Temporary Power Solutions</b>, provided for Domestic or Commercial purposes.</font>

Temporary Power Solutions, provided for Domestic or Commercial purposes.

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Qualified Emergency Electrical Services, Responding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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What's is PAT testing?

PAT testing stands for portable appliance testing. This is the process of testing electrical appliances to ensure their safety of use. These tests should only be carried out by those with the appropriate PAT testing qualification.

Once testing is complete, you will be issued. With a PAT testing certificate. This certificate will include a detailed report outlining any issues or areas of concern. Your PAT testing certificate can serve as evidence of compliance where necessary.

Safety first 🥇

PAT Testing is ideal for Landlords, Businesses or Individuals for that peace of mind that your appliances are safe.
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PAT testing
requirements 🔌

PAT testing at regular intervals ensures continual safety, the interval between tests depends on the type of appliance and the environment in which its used.
There are PAT testing requirements in place for landlords in Scotland. They are required by law to have electrical items that they leave in their property for incoming tenants PAT Tested on a yearly basis.
Landlords should also have a testing schedule, for each new tenant or have a PAT test scheduled on a yearly basis.
Did You Know 💡➡️ Failure to have your electrical appliances PAT Tested can affect your Insurance if something goes wrong?
Electrical Installation Condition Report Glasgow

What's involved in PAT testing?

At Jedi Services Ltd, PAT testing of portable and permanently connected equipment involves:
- Preliminary inspection
- Earth continuity tests
- Insulation testing
- Functional checks
This is undertaken by a fully qualified PAT test electrician.
PAT test breakdown document and PAT certification of inspection document will be emailed to the responsible person as a PDF after the testing is complete.

Safety first 🥇

PAT Testing is ideal for Landlords, Businesses or Individuals for that peace of mind that your appliances are safe.
landlord pat testing glasgow
PAT Testing DJ Glasgow

Ideal for those on the move🕺

PAT Testing is also ideal for DJ’s and Bands, Mobile Food Businesses or anyone using electrical equipment to comply with local authority notices which does not allow you to operate in Council property unless you have an up to date PAT test certificate.

Did You Know?

We're an approved OZEV Charge Point Installer.
SafeContractor Approved & Fully accredited member of NIC EIC.
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