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Solar panels Glasgow
Solar Installation Glasgow

Solar Panel PV Installations Glasgow Scotland

We understand that there must be a lot to think about when you choose to go Green and have Solar Panels installed. There is so much information going around that you may be a bit unsure of what you need, that’s where Jedi Services come in.

<font color="#ffffff"><b>Electrical Maintenance Glasgow </b>Setup an electrical maintenance contract with Jedi Services today.</font>

Electrical Maintenance Glasgow Setup an electrical maintenance contract with Jedi Services today.

<font color="#ffffff"><b>Temporary Power Solutions</b>, provided for Domestic or Commercial purposes.</font>

Temporary Power Solutions, provided for Domestic or Commercial purposes.

<font color="#ffffff">Qualified <b>Emergency Electrical Services</b>, Responding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.</font>

Qualified Emergency Electrical Services, Responding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Temporary Power Services Glasgow

Let there be light! ☀️

Solar photovoltaics, also known as solar PV, is the name for the technology that converts light into electricity for domestic, community or industrial use.
Solar Panels (solar photovoltaics) uses the inexhaustible and natural renewable free solar energy given by the sun to create clean, green electricity.
We understand all the benefits of installing modern solar energy solutions for your home and we are here to help and advise in any way we can.
Solar PV House install glasgow
Solar panel Installation Glasgow

Solar technology we offer ⬇️

1. Monocrystalline: These are the best choice for home applications due to their efficiency. Their design and construction allow more efficiency at higher temperatures. Monocrystalline solar panels are also more durable compared to others. You should, however, be prepared to pay higher for high quality and efficient 2. Polycrystalline: Most homeowners choose these solar panels as they are less expensive and still highly efficient. 3. Thin-film: These solar panels are lightweight and highly portable. This technology is still under development. Mostly used for mobile homes, boats and camper vans. It is a possibility that this technology may be the cheapest option in the future, so keep an eye open for this.

How to store solar energy? 🔋

Regardless of how good your solar panel installation is, for you to get maximum efficiency you should incorporate some type of solar battery storage. You need solar battery storage for storing the excess and unused energy from your solar panels. Solar panels generate electricity during the day, you still need electricity at night. Without the batteries, your solar system will only be beneficial during the day, plus all the energy that is not in use would be gone forever. Having your own solar battery storage system installed in combination with a solar PV array, is the best and most efficient way to go. The two technologies compliment each other, bringing down your storage system costs & making your solar panel array vastly more affordable over the longer term.
Solar PV House install glasgow

Did You Know?

We're an approved OZEV Charge Point Installer.
SafeContractor Approved & Fully accredited member of NIC EIC.
Don't worry, you're in good hands.

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