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Electrical Emergency Glasgow

When Should You Call an Emergency Electrician?

Electricity plays a major role in the functionality and comfort of any home or business. Without electricity, you won’t have access to appliances or electronics that assist you in your daily function. This can be a major nuisance and a threat to productivity.

So, when the power goes out, it can send you into a panic. It can be even more stressful when you have to deal with something more serious such as smoke coming out of an outlet. It is important for property owners to know when to call for help.

A reliable and responsive emergency electrician can save you from serious damage down the line.

Signs You Should Call a 24/7 Emergency Electrician

An electrical problem that can seriously threaten your premises and the people in it is considered an emergency. Not only can they do serious damage if not addressed promptly, but they can also affect the structure of your property. While you should be aware of how to solve some common electrical problems, in many situations, you need to call an electrician immediately.

If you notice any of the following electrical problems, you should contact an emergency electrician as soon as possible.

When You Notice a Strange Smell or Noise from the Walls

Smells coming from the walls may not just be a sign of a dead rodent. It can also mean you may have an issue with your home’s wiring, especially if you notice a burning smell from the walls. In most cases, it is a short that may be causing a fire behind the walls. Ignoring the problem can lead to fire damage.

You may need to update the old wiring system in older homes, where wiring is often worn and outdated. Sometimes you may even hear clicks, creaks, or buzzing sounds from the walls. They can indicate anything from a loose screw to a more serious problem. If you notice something out of place, call a local emergency electrician right away.

After Major Leaks or a Major Disaster

We all know that water and electricity are not a good combination. Damaged cables sitting on a pool of water can lead to electrical shorts. These can cause long-term damage to your property. Calling an electrician is critical if you have experienced a serious leak in your home.

After a major disaster such as flooding, you might not know what the problem with your system might be. But you also do not want to assume everything is okay and leave it as it is. Calling an emergency electrician before you turn on anything after a disaster is always a good idea.

If the Lights Continue to Flicker or Go Out Suddenly

Light flickering is one of the easiest electrical issues to notice but also the easiest to ignore. While the issue can be a fault of a single bulb, sometimes, a continuous flickering of lights can be due to a major wiring issue. A licensed emergency electrician will know how to best handle such a situation.

In case of a sudden power outage, call your utility company right away to learn of any service issues. If the problem is not from their end, something might be wrong with your electrical system. Call an emergency electrician to diagnose the problem and get it up and running in no time.

Smoke Coming Out of Electrical Outlets

If you notice smoke coming out of any electrical outlets, it is a sign of a problem with your home’s wiring, and it is causing a short circuit. The problem needs to be resolved before you turn on the power again. Unplug the appliances, switch off the outlet and call an emergency electrician to avoid an electrical fire.

If you notice an outlet burning, call 999 and get everyone out of the property to a safe place while you wait for emergency services to arrive. Once the fire brigade has checked to ensure there is no imminent danger, your next step should be to call your electrician. They will check for wires that may have melted or identify any other underlying issue that may have gone unnoticed.

Overloaded Circuits that Keeps Tripping

Your circuit breakers are the first line of defence against any major electrical problems in the electrical circuit. It is designed to cut the current and prevent damage to your property and appliances. When a circuit is overloaded, it can cause the breaker to trip.

While a few occasional trips are normal, experiencing tripped breakers constantly can be a sign of something more serious. You need to call an emergency electrician to ensure there is nothing wrong with the electrical system. If we find any fault with the electrical system, we can help fix it immediately.

Choose the Right Emergency Electrician Before Trouble Strikes

Do not take any electrical problem lightly. You should keep Jedi Services‘ contact details at hand. When trouble strikes your home or business, we will be ready to put an end to your electrical problem promptly, no matter the time of the day or night.

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